Welcome to our unlimited access On Demand classes from Ohana Yoga in lovely, quaint New Hampshire! 

There are almost 1000 classes in our library, and many more added monthly, that have been recorded with Zoom, during live classes. 

The content within is quite useful for an at home practice, and all classes are different enough that you will receive benefit from the variety of movement. With task based movement we give the body and brain resiliency to endure what life brings your way. 

The human body and brain love variation and mixed movements, otherwise it gets used to one movement pattern and will go into 'shock' when it sees something different like trying to grab for your keys, a phone from falling to the floor, or quickly turning to grab paper off the printer. 

 The nervous system, connective tissue, bones and muscles will improve through the differing types of classes, focusing on specific areas of the body. 

If you have ever wanted to start a yoga program, and need a place to start, this is a great resource that can be done right in your home. 

Additionally, this platform has an app called Teachable, which allows you to stream these classes from your phone, iPad or computer.   

Membership Includes:

  • Videos of classes that were recorded live for members online. We add 25-30 classes a month.
  • Additional recorded specialty classes only available here for Ohana On Demand members.
  • A private Facebook group to join and ask questions that may come up at any time.

Membership Cost:

  • This membership is $100/month. A great value considering classes are usually at least $10 per class! 

If you live in the NH area and would like to become an annual pass holder for our studio, access to the Ohana On Demand platform is included! For more information about that, please visit our website.

Words From Our Members:

“I just finished the class and already I am feeling so much better! Your instruction is just impeccable. The way you describe how to move and what to focus on is truly what I have been looking for. You are an incredible instructor.”  ~ P.G.

"Developing a daily yoga practice is something I have aspired to for years. With a busy work schedule and home commitments, trying to make it to scheduled classes often left me feeling stressed and disappointed when I could not make it.

Lisa’s On Demand Yoga platform has finally helped me establish a peaceful, daily practice. I have set aside the last hour of each day as my yoga time. It is a perfect way to unwind and release the tension of my day and has improved my sleep as well (I often fall asleep in Shavasana).

Practicing every day has dramatically improved my chronic hip pain and rehabilitated my chronic ankle injury. Even if I can only do 1/2 a class if time is short, the daily practice has made all the difference! I still feel that I have a connection to Ohana studio by attending some Zoom classes when I can, but with the On Demand platform, I feel like Lisa is in the room with me. Her availability and podcast offerings have continued to nurture the studio environment, even when practicing at home."

Learn more about Ohana Yoga Studio at www.ohanayoganh.com

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